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Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps today offer an excellent opportunity for enterprises to acquire new users and allow them to interact with your brand no matter where they are. Being one of the leading mobile app development companies serving companies and organizations in the Amman.
ESOS can turn your ideas into reality and help you elevate your business.

Mobile App

Development Process

Mobile App Development Process
The whole world goes mobile. To make the things right the first time, we follow the best coding practices to create software applications, and strct internal processes of delivery and quality control.

ESOS builds mobile applications for your unique business goals

ESOS presents a unique service package to suit your needs! We’ve planned, built and implemented custom software solutions for clients – from cinema, medical, education, online shopping, tracking systems…and more.

Process Automation Solutions
We create applications that automate businesses processes so you can focus on your business instead of wasting valuable time and money on labor-intensive systems and administration.
Multimedia Tools
A ESOS mobile app can include video and audio streaming, image processing and management, social network integration, monetization tools, or all of the above for your business.
Ecommerce Apps
Many custom ESOS mobile apps are created to help our customers in the market. We help ecommerce companies provide secure and efficient user experiences, manage inventory and payments, and keep their businesses running smoothly.
Social Networking Apps
ESOS mobile solutions can easily be integrated with existing social networking applications, adding a new layer of interactivity and fun experience for your users.
Internal Corporate Solutions
These ESOS applications are focused on enhancing existing ERP systems. Our corporate customers love the mobile solutions we’ve built to increase efficiency and accountability in their organizations.
Lifestyle & Leisure Apps
Our engineers create mobile apps that enrich busy people’s lives. Your customers will have amazing access to events, sports, food, travel, culture, and all of the good stuff life has to offer.
News & Information Apps
ESOS applications create customized news and information experiences for your users, with advanced UI and superior graphic design, all within your control.
One-of-a-Kind Apps
Sometimes your ideas just don’t fit into a category. That’s why ESOS loves helping our customers engineer totally new mobile applications from the ground-up.

Why Choose ESOS


  • ESOS provides a full professional development team with a customer-oriented approach.
  • ESOS provides app delivery to the AppStore, Android Market, Windows Store, and the proper certifications for this purpose.
  • We have a separate specialty in the field of mobile technologies.
  • Our strength is the fruitful experience We have had working in various mobile development industries.
  • We possess a breadth of experience in mobile UI and design.